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Phoenix Project – The Next Generation

Risen from the Ashes of the Apocalypse

This post-apocalypse RPG campaign uses the Darwin’s World setting and adventures, with a home-brewed RPG system that combines the best elements of d20 Modern (70%) and GURPS (30%).

The original members of the Phoenix Project were teams of elite soldiers, scientists, doctors, engineers, and technicians who, just before the apocalypse, were placed in cryogenic sleep pods, in secret bases that were strategically located around the world. Their mission was to “rise from the ashes of the apocalypse”, to explore the wastelands of the sundered world, and to help restore order and civilization.

It is now 50 years after the apocalypse. The player characters are the grown-up children of those original Phoenix Project members. So far, the group consists of the following player characters: Bana, a recon and demolitions man; Rodriguez, a scout, mechanic, and driver; Seth, a computer geek and electronics tech; and Goldblum, a doctor and the group’s diplomat.

Each player character started with a light suit of ballistic body armor, a 9mm pistol, a 5.56mm carbine, two full magazines for each firearm, a short sword, and various tools and equipment according to their role and skills. Included with that equipment is a mini computer (about 3/4 the size and weight of a modern-day laptop) that has a satellite link with Orac, the super computer that is located in the Phoenix Project’s home base.

The group started with a Humvee, with a hybrid fuel/electrical engine, for transportation.

Phoenix Project - The Next Generation

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