A high-mobility multi-purpose four-wheel drive motor vehicle. This Humvee has a hybrid fuel/electrical engine, giving it twice the mileage as a normal Humvee, provided this Humvee’s batteries are charged. Fold-away solar energy panels are included.

Humvee 01

This Humvee can travel up to 50 kilometers per four-hour period, off-road; or up to twice that distance per period on a dirt road. (Note, there are no intact and usable paved roads remaining between towns and cities, in this post-apocalyptic world. Paved roads still exist within the ruins of cities, but those roads tend to be choked with rubble, derelict vehicles, overgrown vegetation, etc.)

Included is a 500 kg still for converting 25 kg of fresh organic material into 5 liters of alcohol-based fuel, per day. Also included is a travel set of mechanic’s tools.

Humvee 03

This Humvee is mounted with “honeycomb” tires, which prevent it from getting flats, and helps it withstand bullets up to those fired from a 7.62mm machinegun or battle rifle.

A Humvee can be mounted with a weapon (the one shown below is a heavy machinegun), which can be manned from the back seat, but presently this vehicle has none.

Addendum: Last session (April 23, 2010), the group acquired a medium (7.62mm) machinegun, which they intend to mount on the Humvee.

Humvee 02


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