driver, mechanic, burglar, scout, sniper



Strength +1 Constitution +1 Dexterity +3
Intelligence +2 Willpower +1 Charisma +1

Skills, Combat

  • Acrobatics +6
  • Athletics +4
  • Driving +7
  • First Aid +4
  • Perception +6
  • Ranged – Bows & Crossbows +6
  • Ranged – Small Arms +7
  • Tactics +4

Skills, Non-Combat

  • Burglary +6
  • Climbing +7
  • Know: Geography +6
  • Know: Nature & Weather +5
  • Language: Spanish +5
  • Navigation +6
  • Searching +5
  • Stealth +8
  • Survival +4
  • Tech: Electrical +5
  • Tech: Mechanical +6
  • Tracking +5


  • Careful Shot

Mental/Physical Disadvantages

  • Code: Chivalrous (helps women & children in need or distress)
  • Dependent: daughter (“Pamela” back at base)
  • Insomnia
  • Mild Addiction: sleeping pills
  • Sense of Duty: Phoenix Project

Personality Quirks

  • cautious
  • dislikes male chauvinist pigs
  • habitual alcohol use (helps her go to sleep)
  • somewhat religious (Catholic)


  • heavy sniper rifle (.30-06)
  • pistol (9mm)
  • compound crossbow
  • light (class: sniper) ballistic body armor
  • futeristic shield

Michelle Rodriguez parents (the Valdez) were both teachers and medical researchers before the apocalypse. Both came from wealthy influential families from Mexico. Even though both parents were highly educated in the best United States schools, both of their families money had come from the drug trade and most of their extended family still operated in that trade up until “the change.” Many had used their connections to become senators, governors or other influential members of society while still maintaining a hand in the drug trade and the flow of money that stemmed from it. Rodriquez’s parents used their families influence to make sure they were a part of the Pheonix project when the outlook of the world started looking grim.

When Michelle was born it was into a different world. Even though the Rodriguez’s family’s influence was destroyed with the rest of the world, Michelle’s parents expected her to rebuild that influence from scratch. Michelle was trained to become a researcher and was expected from the beginning to become a governing member of the Pheonix project. Michelle watched her parents manipulate those around her and occasionally dip back into the family’s drug trade by using their research and chemistry experience to make and distribute opiates to those that helped them achieve their goals.

Michelle grew up hating her parents, hating their manipulative ways, and hating their expectations. Their expectations were not her expectations. She fell in love with Joey Rodriquez when she was just 15 years old and he was 18. His parent’s had been engineers and mechanics. When her parents thought she was studying at the library, she would be at Joey’s parents’ house having family dinners with his parents and little sister. They knew her secrets and thought of her as a second daughter. They also knew and distrusted her parents. Joey’s father was the one that taught her to fix and hot wire any vehicle she could get her hands on and it was his mother that taught her to shoot with incredible accuracy. It was a very sad day when Joey’s dad went out on a mission and never returned. Joey never got over the loss of his best friend and his father and always believed that he might still be alive.

On Michelle’s graduation day when she was 18 years old, Michelle’s parents found her stash of love letters from Joey. They forbade her from ever seeing him again (not knowing the depth of their relationship.) They told her that after graduation, she would be transferred to the Pheonix project’s sister research facility in the south (much much south) that was operated and funded by old Valdez money. That was the day that her and Joey were married and Pamela was conceived. The Valdez family was furious, but since the marriage was public and their influence was not that great yet at the Pheonix project there was nothing they could do. When Pamela was 3, Joey received some information that his father had been sighted as a captive in a region to the south. He went out looking for him on his own as no crew could be assigned to that region. Like his father he never came back. His truck was found bombed and looted and half buried in the sand 3 years later. During those 3 years Michelle had turned to opiates herself to make it through the night. The irony of this fact and the utter disrespect she had for her parents and their hand in the drug trade was not lost on her.

Now that Pamela is 6 and starting at the academy, Michelle has left her in the charge of Joey’s mom and his now teenage sister and has joined the Pheonix project’s exploration team. Michelle has a strong group of friends back at the base who have vowed to keep Pamela and Joey’s family safe and out of the clutches of her parents. Michelle loves Pamela deeply as Pamela is the spitting image of her father. They talk as often as possible through Oracle.


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