Phoenix Project - The Next Generation

The Great Wreckage

In the Dry Forest, the group discovered the old wreckage of a military bomber…

bomber wreckage

The forest dwindles into a broad clearing basked by the sun, wherein rests a colossal metallic hulk, longer than any metal structure you have ever seen, left bare and naked to the elements. Rusted over in many parts, and much of its surface overgrown with dry vegetation, it is a truly awesome sight.

According to Orac, this is in fact the wreckage of a B-52 that crashed here in the mountains, during the climax of The Fall. The bomber went down just as it was launching the last of its cruise missiles armed with a nuclear warhead. Though the bomber was shielded against EMP detonation, the intensity of the airbursts at distant Denver and at NORAD caused enough disruption to bring the bomber down.

The bomber crash-landed relatively intact, though all the crew was killed instantly on impact. The wreckage has remained in place for over 50 years, the forest slowly rebuilding itself around its metal shell.

The group was able to retrieve the following image from one of the bomber’s burnt-out computers…

bomber computer screen map



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