Phoenix Project - The Next Generation

Starting Equipment

In addition to each player character’s personal equipment (weapons, armor, etc.), the group has the following…


(2) scanners/detectors (about the size of an iPod classic), which have the following capabilities…

- metal detector (detects metal under surfaces, and gives a rough estimate of amount and strength)

- chemical sniffer (detects and identifies hazardous chemicals in the air)

- geiger counter (detects nuclear radiation)

(2) nightvision goggles (enhances ambient light; does not work in total darkness)

(2) binoculars w/ laser range finders

(2) electronic media players/recorders (photos, video, music, audiobooks; iPod Nano size)

(2) short-ranged radios (about the size of an iPod Classic)

(1) long-range radio (installed in the Humvee)

(1) mini computer (3/4 of the size of a modern laptop)

(1) mini database & document reader (about the size of an iPad)


(1) electronic/electrical toolkit

(4) electronic/electrical parts (+2 skill)

(2) high-tech electronic/electrical parts (+6 skill)

(1) mechanic/electrical toolkit

(4) mechanic/electrical parts (+2 skill)

(2) high-tech mechanic/electrical parts (+6 skill)

(1) mini chemistry lab (provides basic chemical analysis/synthesis)

(4) chemistry reagents (+4 skill)


(3) first aid kits

(8) first aid applications (+2 skill)

(4) high-tech first aid applications (+4 skill, 50% more healing)

(1) physician’s kit

(1) surgery kit

(4) surgery applications (+2 skill)

(2) high-tech surgery applications (+4 skill, 50% more healing)


(6) enhanced healing pills (Rapid Recovery +4)

(6) pain killer injections (High Pain Threshold +2)

(4) super-speed inhalers (+4 Initiative, +2 Dodge; lasts 5 minutes)

(4) muscle-power inhalers (Toughness +2, Endurance +2, Fortitude +2; lasts 20 minutes)

(6) biohazard resistance pills (Endurance +4; lasts 2 hours)


(2) gas masks (protects against eye, nose, and lung irritants, including tear gas and sand storms; -2 Initiative, Dodge, Perception)

(1) pistol silencer (15 shots, maximum)

(6) blocks of TNT

(4) blasting caps, (2) detonation timers, and (2) 50-meter spools of wire

Humvee hybrid (a high-mobility multi-purpose four-wheel drive motor vehicle)

(6) units of alcohol-based gas (usage: 1 unit per four-hour period)



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